The Bougatsa Chronicles

Or, how Peloponnesian girls attempt to make a northern Greek pastry!

On the fateful day of July 26, 2005, I, having been inspired by this recipe, enlisted the assistance of my sister and made a glorious pan of BOUGATSA.

The one indigenously Greek bougatsa ingredient - filo dough!

The Alex girls' secret method for speed-cooling the custard mixture - the freezer!

My sister Jennie excitedly - yes, EXCITEDLY!! - pours the custard mixture into the pan.

She won't help cook, but she will help eat: my 3.5-year-old German Shepherd, Libra!

Fast-forward about an hour or so: the bougatsa's ready to eat!!!

One of the chefs gets ready to celebrate. . .

. . . while the other displays the finished product. Kali orexi!!!

Get me out of this kitchen!!